We combat financial illiteracy with scalable and effective solutions

  • WHAT we do: We fight financial illiteracy with a new edutainment approach that effectively bridges the gap between knowledge and behaviour.
  • HOW we do it: We come up with scalable solution that will have a real social impact.
  • WHERE do we do it? We are a European initiative based in Vienna (Austria). We are active in Central and Eastern Europe as well as South Eastern Europe.

Why we do it?

  • Financial Illiteracy is a global problem -- especially among the young:
    - private bankruptcies tripled in the past 10 years, both in Europe and the US
    - in Austria, every 5th person in debt counseling is under 25, with 30.000€ of average debt
    - 10% of Austrian households are unable to pay their bills due to high debts
  • Financial literacy is the key in order to:
    - give people the opportunity to live a life in dignity and have the freedom to fulfill their dreams within the scope of their financial means
    - decrease the number of people at risk of living in poverty due to unsustainable debts.
  • In Europe, there are very few financial literacy initiatives. We are among the very first broaching the issue in a wider sense. Financial illiteracy has become a social challenge for Europe and it is high time that the issue is tackled!


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Meet the Team

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